Automotive Photography


The New Zealand automotive marketing sphere is one that is dominated by manufacturer specified content. You may be familiar with the disclaimer on the bottom of most TV advertisements “Overseas model shown” and the scenery of Europe, America and Asia as the norm. Manufacturers are missing out on forming meaningful connections between the buyers audience and their proposed experiential offering.

The lure of an aspirational lifestyle of American families heading out on a weekend getaway, or a new model blasting through the Swiss alps lacks authenticity to the keen eyes of New Zealand consumers. They’re longing to connect to brands that will facilitate their lifestyle and be part of their family story. Aspiration although entertaining, is no match for delivering connection through context in visual storytelling.


Our approach is to build campaigns that align to the manufacturer's specified target audience segment, providing a link between the aspirational aspects of the vehicle they want (already backed up by vehicle design and brand goodwill), with the familiarity of the country they live in, the places in which the vehicle can take them and the lifestyle experiences they can have.

By determining who your target audience is and what’s specific to their story allows us to work together to create engaging content that builds genuine connections, brand equity and a loyal customer base. We’re passionate about all things automotive and love working with cars.

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