Product Photography

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Product photography serves multiple purposes; it creates a clear effective representation of your products, it communicates quality and authenticity, and it helps to put your best foot forward in the crowded marketplace of e-commerce and print advertising.

We believe that positioning your product into the desired market sector takes more that just high quality manufacturing and clever marketing, it takes clear communication to grab the attention of consumers and help them to make informed decisions.


Studio Clear Cut

Clear cut photography is the backbone of online and print retailing. We’re masters in bending light, exposing detail and communicating form. We offer a full service which includes product photos to specifications, clear cutting and delivery of all assets ready for your destination. If you’re not from the Bay of Plenty, items can be couriered to our studio and back to you.


Studio Product

We’re experienced studio product photographers who can work with you to bring out the best in your products, create campaigns, build sets and create thought provoking content to meet your brief.


Product Lifestyle

Story telling through lifestyle photography is an effective way to stir the imagination of potential customers. Creating aspirational imagery and interactions with your products takes your audience on a journey. It lets the viewer experience not just imagine.

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